125 x C5 Board Backed Envelopes Wholesale

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C5 Board Backed Envelopes Wholesale Boxes of 125

Royal Mail letter compliant, as max thickness when packed does not exceed 5mm, ideal for packaging standard A6 greetings cards + C6 envelopes, when packaging in clear C6 biodegradable greetings card bags.

  • 162 x 229mm self sealing C5 board back envelopes approx weight 19g.
  • Conforms to Royal Mails standard letter specifications for BPL letters under 100g + max thickness 5mm
  • Sustainable packaging for greetings cards, stickers, A5 prints and other small items.
  • Widely recyclable material, with main stream curb side paper recycling, suitable for composting and biodegradable

C5 board backed envelopes wholesale boxes of 125. Trial packs of 20 available here

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Per box of 125 (0.14p per unit) 1 - 3 £10.95
Per box of 125 (0.12p per unit) 4 - 7 £10.95
Per box of 125 (0.11p per unit) 8 + £10.95


C5 board backed envelopes wholesale boxes
162 x 229mm, approx. weight 19g
Sold in boxes of 125, volume discounts at 500 + 1,000

Recyclable C5 Board Backed Mailing Envelopes: A Sustainable Solution for Greetings Cards and More!

Self-sealing C5 board backed envelopes, measuring 162 x 229mm and weighing approximately 19g each, are designed to safeguard your small, flat products during transit. Their rigid construction prevents bending and ensures that your greetings cards, stickers, A5 prints, and other treasures reach their destination in pristine condition.

C5 board backed mailer envelopes offer a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for protecting your small, flat products during transit. Crafted with environmental considerations in mind, these envelopes cater to eCommerce sellers and individuals seeking responsible disposal options. They are widely recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable, providing you with versatile and environmentally conscious shipping choices.

**A Green Approach:**

Once these envelopes have fulfilled their primary task of securely delivering your products to their recipients, they effortlessly integrate into responsible waste management practices. They can be conveniently recycled through mainstream curbside paper recycling programs, aligning your packaging choices perfectly with sustainability principles.

Whether you’re an eCommerce seller searching for sustainable packaging solutions or an individual sending heartfelt messages to loved ones, our C5 envelopes are the ideal choice. They seamlessly combine practicality with sustainability, offering a versatile and eco-friendly option for various applications.

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